Firearms was a fast-paced first-person shooter created on the GoldSrc engine (Half-Life 1 mod). It featured 27 weapons based on real-life models and animations. The gameplay is similar to that of the Battlefield franchise (territorial control, control points, etc.)--though Firearms existed before Battlefield ever did ;) It won awards and was eventually bundled with the first retail release of Counter-Strike.


I was the only programmer for this game between version 2.65 (around 2002) and 3.0 (around 2005). I was responsible for adding new features, weapons, gameplay mechanics, HUD and UI elements, as well as fixing bugs and making improvements to existing systems.



Video that covers some of the milestone releases of Firearms and Firearms: Source--a history lesson of sorts.
A "frag" video created by a community member.
A "frag" video I made in version 2.7... I was pretty good with the Benelli M3 back then.